About the Designer

My goal is to use fashion as a catalyst to help women all over the world see themselves the way God sees them; BEAUTIFUL & CAPTIVATING. 

The first of its kind, Hailey Lane is a self-professed “Christian Couture Designer”. Nashville born Native, Hailey, was raised in a rural middle Tennessee town. Always having an interest in creative arts, Hailey spent her summers with her grandmother learning to quilt and use a sewing machine. As a young teen, She entered her first quilted product in a TN state contest and took home not one, but two awards; including first in show. Since the early years she has had an interest in creating. 

Everyone wants to experience Paris,  and I want to bring it to my home, Nashville. 

Fast forward to the end of 2017, Hailey moved her residence to Europe, where she would begin studies in Fragrance and Perfume Mastery at Cinquieme sens, a leading perfuming school in Paris, France.  Using her creative skills, she not only obtained a degree in Master Perfuming, but also branched out to an Artisan Felt Artist in Stuttgart, Germany, who is also the founder of “Style Space”, about a creative assistant role. By 2018 she was assisting the Artist full time, learning unique skills, and working alongside one of the best Felt artists in the United States. During this time Hailey developed not only a wonderful friendship with the Artist but a mentor-ship that helped her apply previous and new skills to cultivate a craft completely unique. 

 J. Hill is an incredible person and master of her Art. I consider myself extremely fortunate to know her, and to have spent such a special time learning from her. She is, and always will be, a step- ahead of the Art community and I can only hope I will honor her by my work created in Nashville.

In 2020, Hailey relocated to Nashville TN, to launch a line that consists of personalized fragrance and uniquely handmade pieces, that consist of natural fibers, and accents she hand selected in Paris, France’s vintage stores and brought back to Tennessee.  Using her art skills from early years, quilting knowledge, design apprenticing, and Nashville southern style,

she is determined to bring Nashville a unique brand it can be proud of. She calls it, “The Little Nashville Parisian” because as she puts it, “It’s a little bit of Nashville, and a little bit of Paris.”