Kiss Me Under the Eiffel Wrap



This glamorous, yet versatile wrap fits sizes small – xxlarge. [see below for description]



This wrap will quickly become your go-to piece for all occasions. You will love how versatile this piece can be, while grabbing the attention of all who see it!  With its lightweight, yet sturdy sequined and scalloped design, this piece will be nicely paired with a dress, a skirt, or even jeans. This is the ultimate Casual or Formal transitional piece.

The wrap’s inspiration comes from the river-walk garden stroll that leads you straight to the Eiffel in Paris, France. I wanted to create something romantic that would charm ANY outfit you are wearing.  When I found this incredible material, I decided to create a classic wrap using organically sourced wool.

Garment comes with a 3 year quality guarantee. Size: Fits all sizes


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