Modern French Art Geode Wrap



The modern geode inspired wrap fits sizes small – large. [see below for description]



(Made to order, similar to this photo) This jacket is unlike anything you will ever find. You will certainly be the center of attention with this beautiful modern geode pattern wrap!  With its lightweight, yet warm material, this piece will be nicely paired with a dress, a skirt, or even jeans. This is the ultimate Casual or Formal transitional piece.

The accents used in this piece are scraps from vintage materials from all over Europe! Being inspired by the natural beauty of geodes and impacted by modern french art, I decided to create a one of a kind “gem” on this organically sourced felted wrap. I created the look by using different types of sequins, vintage laces, and organic wool yarns and raw wool fibers.

Garment comes with a 100% quality guarantee. Size: Fits all sizes


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